Humans and animals have in thousands of years eaten blueberries to stay healthy. Decades of scientific research has unveiled the helth promoting secrets of Blueberries and for instance Black Currant, is water soluble small catechol structured molecules called anthocyanins.

The foundation of Medox® was established by world-leading scientific researchers at the University of Bergen, Norway. After intensive research and bio-prospecting during the eighties and nineties, covering thousands of flavonoids, the researchers concluded that among the most bio-active molecules under this large umbrella of plant molecules were members of the Polyphenols family, further classified as anthocyanins.

In this family of approximately 600 different anthocyanin molecules, a very few ones were discovered holding an interesting catecholamine structure, classifying them as extraordinarily biologically active molecules. C3G and D3G ended up being selected as the main anthocyanin molecules in the Medox® capsules.

Catechol-structured anthocyanin molecules possess several strong and important health promoting and medical properties. It was, however, decisive that these molecules were small molecules (app. 500g/mol) able to penetrate the blood brain barrier and cell walls.

Late 1998, together with the researchers at the University of Bergen, scientists in Biolink’s laboratories established a follow-up scientific research program to create a strong, health promoting anthocyanin nutraceutical, later named Medox®. Optimizing on C3G and D3G, the likelihood of becoming an efficient health promoting nutraceutical was significant.